4 Reasons - Why many believe, buy organic ghee is much better than butter!

organic ghee

Organic grass-fed ghee is made with utilizing butter obtained from cow’s milk. Grass feed ghee is made from the milk of the indigenous sort of cows and not the hybrid ones. These cows are not fed with any sort of artificial supplements in their diet. Here at MILKIO, we are enamored with the organic certified butter by ancient organics; a New Zealand based dairy farming founded by two practitioners that are keeping the real traditions of creating organic grass-fed ghee.

Here’re some key reasons why we love this organic brown butter so much – and why several beliefs buy organic ghee is much better than butter!

Extremely rich in nutrients.
Organic grass-fed ghee the same as clarified butter, but it keeps more vitamins as well as other nutrients because it is cooled at extremely lower temperatures. It contains complete spectrum short, mid and long term chain organic fatty acids, both saturated/unsaturated, which support healthy blood sugar levels and heart health.It contains Omega 3 and 9 fatty acids, as-well-as vitamins A, D and K with PHENOLIC antioxidants. Just because this brown butter is made from organic butter produced by organic dairy farming, it is one of the best natural sources of conjugated CLA, which might help support a muscle tone and healthy weight.
It is delicious
This organic grass-fed ghee has an incomparable flavor, adding toasty, rich nuttiness that is reminiscent of cameral as a cooking fat or spread. Try it spread on toast by itself with a few sea salts, or topped with this raw sage. You can also find several real food recipes with Anhydrous Milk Fat from ancient organics.
Positivity in Life
Grass-fed ghee is considered one of the best sattvic foods. Sattvic meals promote growth, positivity, and expansion of consciousness. Grass-fed ghee supposed to have a beneficial impact on our brain’s neurotransmitters, which is what makes us better off. Consumption of brown fat on some popcorn or crackers is sure to cheer you up not only because of the taste but also due to its amazing chemical composition that highly impacts the hormonal system of the human body.
It is great for baking and cooking
It is a flashpoint that makes it one of the highest among cooking fats, meaning it does not burn very easily, a remarkable option for extreme temperature cooking. It is also great as an alternative for the fat in your baked foods.

How to best quality Organic Ghee?

We all are aware of the advantage of grass-fed ghee but this’ll offer you the best advantages when it’s of good quality. It’s one of the most important to know where to buy top quality organic ghee? Besides that, you also need to consider some facts about assured the best quality. You need to but organic ghee forms a reliable store like MILKIO, if you want to enjoy the best organic ghee benefits.       CONTACT US
If you wish to import/buy/distribute/trade our Milkio Ghee, please feel free to contact us via our email and we will be in touch with you within 48 hrs.